Skusta Clee – Panda Lyrics

Bitbitan na lang ng bayag sige palag to Baka di kayo na inform na ngayon ay halimaw na Yung batang uhugin na dati nyong inignore Bilang patunay na di kayo bagay ihanay sa dati nyong inismall Ngayon sa lakas kapag bumundol yanig hanggang Japan pag nagpalindol Kamusta lahat ng mapangmaliit? ngayon nyo subukan manglait ulit … Read more

Webbie – I Miss You Lyrics

I’ll be missing you Hello Young savage What you doing Trill ent. I’ll be missing you I ain’t been home in a few days(I miss u) I know you do I ain’t going lie I miss you to Come on kiss me through the phone I’m a kiss you to Now I’m gone hit you … Read more

State Radio – Right Me Up Lyrics

Manny don’t need no comforting He don’t ask of the world to bring him up Ain’t gonna see him waitin’ on waitin’ on Waitin’ on the day Got him a chair in ’73 It was his only option So manny agreed Same chair he has today Since they threw the cane away Manny wasn’t doing … Read more

Stephen Speaks – Out Of My League Lyrics

It’s her hair and her eyes today That just simply take me away And the feeling that I’m falling further in love Makes me shiver but in a good way All the times I have sat and stared As she thoughtfully thumbs through her hair And she purses her lips, bats her eyes and she … Read more

Steve Winwood – Arc Of A Diver Lyrics

She bathes me in sweetness, I cannot reveal For sharing dreams I need my woman This humble expression… Meagerly dressed My eyes so mean it has no meaning But jealous night and all her secret chords I must be deaf… On the telephone… I need my love to translate I play the piano, no more … Read more

Sierra Hull – The Hard Way Lyrics

You’ve got your own way of looking at it baby I guess that proves that I got mine Seems like our hearts are set on automatic We say the first thing that comes to mind It’s just who we are baby We’ve come too far to start over now I know what you’re thinkin’ I’m … Read more

Styx – Don’t Let It End Lyrics

What can I do, Pictures of you still make me cry Trying to live without your love It’s so hard to do Some nights I wake up I look at your pillow Hoping that I’ll see you there But I get up each day Not much to say I’ve nowhere to go Loneliness fills me … Read more

Stone Sour – Miracles Lyrics

I’ve seen it all and I know better I’ve felt the bitterness and pain My soul keeps changing like the weather The only constant is the rain I know your black and white intentions And there’s no room for shades of grey I’ve never asked you to conform to me I only beg for you … Read more

Sasha Sloan – The Only Lyrics

[Chorus] I can’t be the only one Who’s lonely tonight I can’t be the only one [Verse 1] Who’s drinking by myself Wishing that I was somewhere else Talking to the voices in my head Because at least they’re listening Right here’s an easy place to hide I stay in bed and shut the blinds … Read more

Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess Lyrics

Maybe when the room is empty Maybe when the bottle’s full Maybe when the door gets broke down Love can break in Maybe when I’m done with thinking Maybe you can think me whole Maybe when I’m done with endings This can begin If you could be my punk rock princess I could be your … Read more

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