Zaalima Coca Cola Lyrics – Bhuj | Nora Fatehi

Arey Chali Chali Haaye Kidhar Chali Arey Oh Manchali Oh Anaarkali Aise Lachak Lachak Ke Matak Matak Ke Bhatak Gayi Tu Gali Tere Thumke Pe Jhumke Jhoom Jhoom Ke Dil Mein Uthaye Khalbali Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Mera Sone Jaise Baal Khabar Meri Saari Duniya Ko Tu Hi Na Pooche Haal Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai … Read more

Zendaya – Cry For Love Lyrics

I can’t say I’m an expert on it In fact, it’s a first time Anybody’s made me feel the way you do, boy It seems like it should be real easy With two people so right And yet, I find myself just waiting here Like I’m just your toy You take me in, I take … Read more

Zion – Amor De Pobre Lyrics

Baby… Si tu supieras… Todas las cosas que yo quisiera hacer contigo… Pero primero… Te voy a hablar claro… [Zion] No tengo casa frente al mar Ni un jate de un millon No tengo una master card Ni una mansion… No tengo un carro europeo Y tampoco tengo dinero Pero yo sigo, intentando que… Esta … Read more

Zion Y Lennox – El Cantante Lyrics

Yeah… Sientelo… Bailalo… Zion, baby… El cantante nace El cantante no se hace Cuando se trata de ponerlos a bailar Nosotros damos clase El cantante nace El cantante no se hace Cuando se trata de poner a sandunguear Nosotros damos clase El cantante nace, no se hace A mi si me dejan yo corro to’a … Read more

Zara Larsson – Cash Me Out Lyrics

[Verse 1] Might keep along but, my money’s gone now Because I bet the whole house on lust Spent some nights in the dark, but boy you lit the spark And now I’m cleaning up ’cause of your love [Pre-Chorus 1] If there was only one dollar left in the world I’d spent it in … Read more

Zechariah Maxime – I Will Worship Lyrics

Verse 1 The things you did on Calvary Proved that you really love me (love me) Knowing that you died for me Proved that you won’t give up on me Though I’m not where I’m supposed to be Yet you had mercy on me (on me) Though I’m doing things I’m not to do You … Read more

Zebrahead – Falling Apart Lyrics

Stutter step through another trap by deception Mention rejection, rejection Always lies in your eyes Settles in your action Lies in your eyes Settles in your action Jeopardize everything that I want And I won’t compromise anything anymore In any way victimize myself any more Liberty (Yeah) [Chorus:] Manipulations on my mind Expectations well defined … Read more

Zucchero – You’ve Chosen Me Lyrics

You’ve chosen me, Oh no…. When it happens I’ve chosen you I don’t know When it happens Changes my life to a love song This love is so strong You’ve chosen me And now that I, I’ve….. I’ve chosen you Oh, oh, my love Let it happen Changing my life to a love song Changing … Read more

Zahira – Stand Strong Lyrics

Strength and love can help us override Any doubt and fear troublin’ our lives CH) Stand strong like lion Pray all day and night and Respond with the love in your heart To all that comes your way V1) Bow before the mountain Pray to receive the guidance Faith shall be restored, in moments we … Read more

Zac Brown Band – It’s Not Ok Lyrics

A man was bothering me today and I Wanted to tell him to go away But I stood and listened to him anyway, okay. He said he didn’t want to shoot that man And it was his thing and I wouldn’t understand And he had done all that he can, okay. I guess his body … Read more

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